Industrial & Resources Advisory Boards

Preparing Businesses and Advisors for the Future


What could you achieve with targeted support and knowledge?

The Industrial and Resources Sector is dynamic, diverse and like all sectors not immune to disruption.  Will you react to changes or will you set the pace for change? Whether you are a start-up, multi-generational family business or an established enterprise operating in the global export markets you deserve to be supported by people who have deep industry experience, connections and integrity. An independent Advisory Board built on a best practice foundation can help you achieve your goals.

Tailored Advisory Board support for your Industrial & Resources business

Connecting in with the right support and advice can help bridge the gap between where your business is today and the future market.  A well structured Advisory Board is a time and cost effective way to explore options, prioritise planning and gain a competitive edge.

Major growth opportunities and changes within the Industrial, Resources and Manufacturing sector include:

  • Increased adoption and adaptation to technology
  • Supply chain transformations
  • Workforce skills sets and expectations
  • Succession planning
  • Climate and environmental changes
  • Global competitiveness
  • Cybersecurity and risk management


Preparing for changes in consumer expectations, technological improvements and global opportunities requires new skills and experiences that may not currently exist within the business or leadership team.  Leading businesses within the sector are investing in their own Advisory Board, tailor made for their business, to provide insight and advice.


The Advisory Board Centre supports businesses, organisations and industry groups within the Industrial, Resources and Manufacturing sector with:

  • Independent and complimentary Advisor Concierge service to access industry leading professionals, board members and experts
  • Global best practice and market intelligence
  • Connections to experienced industry professionals, mentors, innovators and entrepreneurs


Connecting You to a Global Network

Expertise in the Industrial & Resources Sector is diverse in the Advisory community. From niche technical expertise to current C-Suite Executives driving global best practice, the Advisory Board Centre provides an independent, direct connection for businesses in the Industrial & Resources sector to the right people at the right time.

Ask the Advisor Concierge

"Without that advice and with that advisory board structure, I've got no doubt that we wouldn't anywhere near as successful as what we are."

Ben Carter is CEO of VAE Group, providing smarter HVAC solutions across 3 countries. Ben appointed an advisory board to support their rapid expansion and growth.

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