Certified Chair Masterclass

The Certified Chair Masterclass is an Executive education program developed exclusively by the Advisory Board Centre.

Drawing on over 15 years of research into best practice, the Certified Chair Masterclass includes Advisory methods and models unique to the Advisory Board Centre.  During the Masterclass, validated research and case studies are shared including business mapping models, assessments and advisory service delivery models.


The Advisory Board Centre conducts specialist facilitated programs designed to enhance the confidence, knowledge and skills of professionals.  The aim is to add significant value to Advisors on Advisory Boards or in individual engagements to support broader strategic outcomes.  Our vision for our programs is to provide professionals with a challenging learning environment where they can listen to evidence-based ideas, share their own experiences and insights and deepen their relationships so they walk away with practical ideas and renewed confidence in an Advisory capacity.


Formalised Advisory Boards are a proven management tool that can support businesses to increase sales and productivity and build internal confidence in decision making and strategy execution.  The Advisory Board Centre professional development programs provide a practical pathway for businesses to increase competitiveness, support faster innovation and drive economic impact through effective engagement with Advisors.  Due to the experience required to undertake these roles effectively, the Advisory Board Centre has developed our programs to enable professionals to build their skills, expertise and capability.


This program is designed for senior executives to build on their knowledge and experience to escalate their personal value in the market.  The Certified Chair Masterclass is designed to build their capability into future Certified Chair status to support the chairing of Advisory Boards, Executive Committees, Councils or Board level meetings.



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