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Cyber Opportunity Special Interest Forum

Advisory Board Centre forms the Cyber Awareness Special Interest Forum to engage stakeholders in collaborative opportunities.

As a society that runs largely on technology, we are dependent on its availability and ability to safeguard our information.  Just as technology brings increasing threats, it also brings increasing opportunities to grow our business.

Finding the balance between risk and reward requires collaboration and co-creation.

Cybersecurity is not optional, but it must service the organisation’s strategic plan.

The Cyber Opportunity Special Interest Forum is a working party designed to provide a:

  • Principles led approach for Cyber Opportunity
  • Risks and Reward Considerations
  • Map of Collaborators
  • Business Considerations

The Cyber Opportunity Forum is Co-chaired by Daniel Brewer and Peter Day and includes leading Advisors across all industries and sectors to explore and ideate on practical pathways to increase resilience, collaboration and innovation on both a local and global level.

The Advisory Board Centre will release the Cyber Opportunity Forum Report following the Forum meetings and Industry Consultation Sessions.


Global Advisory Community Engagement

The Forum includes two working session with the global advisory community to explore the foundations and ethical considerations for addressing both constraints and growth factors for businesses.  These sessions are open to Advisory Board Centre professional members.

Meeting 1 – Foundations 2 October 2020

Meeting 2 – Ethics in Application 30 October 2020

Current Advisory Board Centre professional members can register their interest and participation via the Members Portal.


Industry and Stakeholder Consultation

Industry leaders and market stakeholders including Government and Regulatory authorities, suppliers and customers are invited to share your views with the Advisory Board Centre Cyber Opportunity global panel to explore how to build resilience and increase collaboration within the sector.

Complete the Industry Consultation Survey

Share your views and insights on the key priorities for the sector and practical solutions to increase resilience, build capacity and foster innovation and collaboration.  [Approximate time for completion 15 minutes]


Complete the Survey

Participate in the Industry Consultation Meeting

Join the Cyber Opportunity Forum Chairs, Advisors and other leading Industry representatives in the Industry Consultation Meeting.  This session provides practical consultation with a collective voice.

Cyber Opportunity Industry Consultation Session

4 December 2020 11:30am – 12:30pm AEST

Virtual Meeting via Zoom


Register Now


Cyber Awareness Forum

Daniel Brewer

Certified Chair

Daniel is an experienced executive and director whose advises on quantifying risk across cyber and law for businesses dependent on digital technologies. Defined by the experience of delivering over 200 online enterprise platforms, Daniel has become a leading law-tech expert and now specialises in defining legal and risk strategies for cyber threats for government, defence and private industry.

This work has solved many critical gaps in protecting how Government IT systems are operated.

Recently completing a master’s degree in law and focusing on international and trade law, Daniel has been determining strategies for limiting cyber risk and legal protection by aligning it through a company’s culture. This approach greatly increases the chance of firstly understanding what it means and secondly adopting it as an integrated part of business.

This work has resulted in many companies having better protection against online threats and taking control of their technology.

Daniel has actively promoted thought leadership into Government, Defence and Industry programs to rationalise how cyber and legal risk is identified and mitigated through IT planning and delivery.


Peter Day

Certified Chair

Peter works closely with Boards and Senior Executives to identify and implement innovative and disruptive strategies, across business and technology areas. This has included extensive experience leading major transformation and organisational change.

Peter is adept at identifying areas of innovation across any sector and have extensive experience in researching and canvassing, including international assignments, examining disruptive processes and technologies, then developing concept papers and feasibility studies, as well as investment logic maps.

He has have extensive experience across both ICT and Cyber Security.  His roles and engagements include Security Architecture, Governance and Risk Management, Enterprise Architecture and Strategy, CISO, CIO, CTO and Project Director across Government (State and Federal), Education, Utilities, Telecommunications, Health, Not For Profit, Gaming, and Finance.


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