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The time for the traditional approach is over. Contemporary business demands more.

Today’s progressive business leaders are striving to find access to current, ground-breaking thinking that can help accelerate their business strategy.

Formalised Advisory Boards are a proven management tool that can support businesses to leverage external expertise to create internal value. Your Advisory Board can give you the competitive edge to increase sales and productivity and build internal confidence in decision making and strategy execution. 

"My advisory board has provided incredible value to the business."

Matthew Horton is co-founder and Managing Director of foundU, an all-in- one HR platform providing solutions from recruitment to payroll. Matthew appointed an advisory board to provide a sounding board for his leadership team.

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"Since implementing the Advisory Board, my business has experienced 100% growth."

Greg Kentish is CEO and founder of Acacia Connection, a boutique specialist provider of EAP services in Australia and New Zealand. Greg appointed an advisory board to provide a solid foundation and leverage points to support rapid growth.

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What is an advisory board?

An Advisory Board is a group of professionals that provides strategic advice to an organisation to assist with internal decision making. The advice provided by an Advisory Board is non-binding and there is greater flexibility in the structure and management of Advisory Boards as compared to a Board of Directors.

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It takes time to build and develop an Advisory or Governance Board for your business. Our complimentary Advisor Concierge service can connect you with the right people to support you along the way.

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