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The time for the traditional approach is over. Contemporary business demands more.

Today’s progressive business leaders are striving to find access to current, ground-breaking thinking that can help their business elevate to the next level.

Businesses are demanding innovative, cutting-edge business intelligence and strategic insights from the very best minds. They want deep, engaged partnerships based on mutual respect and committed two-way support over the long-term.

Governance Boards ask why. Advisory Boards ask why not.

That’s exactly why the Advisory Board Centre was founded.

"My advisory board has provided incredible value to the business."

Matthew Horton is co-founder and Managing Director of foundU, an all-in- one HR platform providing solutions from recruitment to payroll. Matthew appointed an advisory board to provide a sounding board for his leadership team.

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What is an advisory board?

An Advisory Board is a group of professionals that provides strategic advice to an organisation to assist with internal decision making. The advice provided by an Advisory Board is non-binding and there is greater flexibility in the structure and management of Advisory Boards as compared to a Board of Directors.

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How can an Advisory Board help my Business?

Implementing an Advisory Board is an important step for entrepreneurs and family owned businesses. Knowing when your business is ready and how to effectively implement an Advisory Board is key to developing an Advisory Board that is a long term, trusted resource for your business.

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Find an Advisory Board Chair

Is your Organisation looking to implement an Advisory Board? The Advisory Board Centre, as part of the Leadakey Group, is a collaborative network of experienced advisory board-ready professionals. Contact a Certified Chair to assist you with evaluating your Board Readiness and advising you on your Board establishment and effectiveness.

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It takes time to build and develop an Advisory or Governance Board. So we are pleased to offer entrepreneurs and business owners with $1.5m - $100m revenue turnover an opportunity to join the Advisory Board Centre. This gives business owners time to research, evaluate and develop their governance structure over time whilst accessing quality advisors along the way.

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