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The Quarterly – Insights for Progressive Entrepreneurs August 2017

The latest edition of The Quarterly released this week from the Advisory Board Centre highlights the key trends impacting business confidence for Australian entrepreneurs.

Managing Director Louise Broekman released this significant industry report at the August national meeting of Advisory Board Centre members.  She said, “Decision makers are currently being faced with complex, globalised and shifting market conditions that will significantly impact on their organisation over the next twelve months. According to our Advisors, growth and building capability is top of mind for Australian entrepreneurs.”

The quarterly National Advisor Survey undertaken by the Advisory Board Centre in July 2017 identified three key levers to build internal confidence:

  1. Strategic sales
  2. Strategic investment in talent
  3. Strategic digital resourcing

Bernard Curran, BDO Partner and Certified Chair commented, “The three levers identified in the report highlight issues that regularly come up in my business conversations. Winning organisations are those that invest in their people to improve skills and encourage innovation, and in digital expertise”.

While external market changes remain largely outside an organisation’s control, the report provides clear insight into the internal needs and ability of an organisation to build confidence in responding and adapting to their operating environment.

The report highlights how important it is for progressive entrepreneurs to seek strategic input from leading advisors and experts, and to meet with their Advisory Boards to review how they can leverage the areas identified in the survey.

Quality conservations with Advisors are recommending careful, strategic investment in the things that matter the most – sales, talent, and digital capability”, added Ms Broekman.

Please download the Advisory Board Centre ‘The Quarterly’ Report, join in the Advisory Board conversation, or share with your own Advisory Board or business networks.


For Further Information & Media Contacts:

Louise Broekman, Managing Director



About the Advisory Board Centre

The Advisory Board Centre is a business-focused membership group of Advisory Board specialists. Members specialise in establishing and chairing Advisory Boards, and support business owners and Managing Directors to gain clarity in operational decision making, while maintaining a long term strategic focus. Members include Certified Chairs, Approved Advisors, and Recognised Experts.


About Author:

Louise Broekman
Louise is an award winning Entrepreneur, researcher and business advisor. Louise has received recognition from Industry and Government at a local and national level for her contribution to the Australian business sector. She is an in-demand speaker and is regularly called upon as the leading voice for Advisory Boards in the Asia Pacific region.