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Connect with Independent Board Chairs and Industry Leading Strategic Advisors & Experts

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What would you ask first?

Imagine if you could access the entrepreneurs, leaders, thinkers, creators and disruptors that are driving results at Australia's best companies.

The Advisor Concierge service gives you access to an exclusive network of industry leaders, successful entrepreneurs and connected executives that know how to get things done. Our members are highly experienced in working with businesses with $1.5- $100M+ turnover via formalised Advisory Boards and strategic Advisor engagements.

Accelerating your strategy requires better thinking and smarter decisions. When you are ready to leverage external expertise to create internal value, you need The Advisor Concierge.

How can the Advisor Concierge help my business?

The Advisor Concierge is a complimentary service that supports businesses to connect with an exclusive group of leading, board ready professionals to create a tailored Advisory Board that is fit for your needs.  The Advisory Board Centre is 100% independent in the process and does not receive any placement fees, rebates or commissions from businesses or Advisors.

  • Businesses looking to connect with Advisors contact the Advisor Concierge.
  • Your concierge explores your needs and develops an Expression of Interest (EOI).
  • Your concierge facilitates a personal connection directly between you and qualified Advisors.
  • Any selection, engagements or commercial arrangements are directly between your business and your selected Advisor(s).

Certified Chairs

Independent Certified Chairs are expert facilitators with specialist knowledge who have undertaken a new standard of Professional Certification.

Certified Chairs are uniquely qualified to guide you through the process of establishing, chairing and facilitating Advisory Boards and Executive Committees.

Approved Advisors

Today’s business leaders are striving to find access to current, ground-breaking thinking that can help their business elevate to the next level. They’re demanding innovative, cutting-edge business intelligence and strategic insights from the very best

Advisors provide the insight and industry/technical expertise required to drive effective and high functioning Advisory Boards and strategic projects.


Recognised Experts

When your businesses requires operational or project support you will want to explore your options so that you engage wisely. Connect with expert service providers that take the time to understand and support your business and your needs.

Recognised Experts understand the Advisory Board framework and support your connection with your strategic Advisors.

Connecting Businesses and Advisors

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