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What is the Advisor Concierge?

What is the Advisor Concierge?


The Advisory Board Centre is an independent industry group dedicated to helping businesses engage with advisors effectively.  The Advisor Concierge is a complimentary service offered to businesses to identify their current situation and scope out if improvements could be made with Advisor Engagement.


The process involves a one on one phone call with our concierge service to define current and future business needs. If the business can benefit from a Certified Chair, Advisors or the establishment of an Advisory Board the concierge creates an expression of interest (EOI) that’s sent to our highly qualified membership base.


After the Expression of Interest is finalised the candidates are sent through to the business to identify their preferred candidates.  After the business screens the candidate list the Advisor Concierge finalises a list of preferred contacts and facilitates the introductions.


The Advisor Concierge Service is highly beneficial to a business looking to create, enquire on or expand an Advisory Board.  This service is complimentary and further enquiries on costs associated are answered here.


Still have questions?  Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page or contact us directly.



The Advisory Board Centre provides membership, certification and best practice training for Board Chairs and Advisors. When you are engaging strategic Advisors in your business- look for the logo:


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